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 2017-01-12 自由游子 自由游子

30 conservative movies recommended


By James Li



Have you ever watched Forrest GumpTerminator, or Harry Potter series? Have you ever thought about what messages they are conveying; what kind of values they are promoting?


They have one thing in common: widely viewed as CONSERVATIVE.






Foreigners like us may not realize, that the values of Conservatism is so pervasive and influential in every aspect of the western world, that you cannot understand the western culture, history, economy, politics, law, religion, way of life and way of thinking, without knowing them.


There are no better ways than the entertaining motion pictures to help us learn about the values. Luckily, we have a number of wonderful conservative movies despite the entertainment industry is dominated by leftist ideologies.






The other day I watched the Ant-man movie for a second time, and suddenly realized that it embodies the best possible combination of conservative values within its 2-hour frame.




-- Anti-social engineering. The idea that some elite intelligent people want to redesign the whole society “for the greater good” is dangerous. Therefore, anti-utopian, anti-Soviet, anti-collectivist themed movies can fall into my category.





-- Aware of the limits of human rationality and abilities. Advanced technologies can be used to destroy humanity as we know it, if they are held in the hands of people who believe they can play the role of god. By the way, that is why the religious and the conservative are mostly overlapping groups.





-- Common sense of common men. Ordinary people with ordinary beliefs and prejudices are usually the strongest stalwart against some fancy, revolutionary, anti-liberty ideas. As demonstrated by the German film Die Welle (The Wave), the two male protagonists realized the collectivist movement was a cult the moment they found themselves start hurting their loved ones because of it, and subsequently decided to end the movement.





-- Moral courage to confront evil. Does the scene that the ant army charging towards gunfire look familiar to the Normandy Landings? The famous quote “All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” was composed by the founder of Conservatism, Edmund Burke. Not a coincidence.





-- The respect for law and order. Whether the plot is set in 19th century American West, or a modern day metropolis, or the imaginary Middle-Earth, or the outer space, the red-neck sheriff spirit of protecting the good and fighting the bad, is everywhere in conservative movies.





-- Redemption and family values. A problematic father and husband decides to do everything he can to protect his daughter and (usually ex) wife, and then becomes a hero. This may not be the most original plot, but good directors can still manage to excite the audience, promoting values like redemption and family values along the way. You can understand why conservatives in the West are resistant to the redefinition of traditional family, marriage, and gender by the left.





At the end of the day, it’s all about conserving freedom.Now I am going to introduce and endorse 30 of my favourite, I hope you enjoy them in your holidays.




A. Conservative comprehensive 全面展示保守主义


You can almost all the conservative elements as I have listed in them.




1. Ant-man 蚂蚁侠



2. Forrest Gump 阿甘正传


3. Harry Potter 哈利波特


The “dumb” but honest, loyal and courageous Neville Longbottom retrieved the Sword of Gryffindor and killed the snake Nagini, is a brilliant reference to legends of King Arthur pulling out the Excalibur and St George slaying the dragon. The character Neville also resembles Forrest Gump.





The movies omitted many paragraphs in the books discussing political philosophy, for example, Lord Voldemort and Grindelwald were not outright evil men, their motto was “for the greater good”, i.e. redesign abetter society by their intelligent brains, which in real world, has been favoured by socialists and Nazis.




4. Terminator series 终结者系列


About the sanctity of life, the dangers of technology capable of replacing humans, heroism and responsibility.





B. Anti-social engineering 反对社会设计


Lots of sci-fi movies feature this theme.




5. Superman—Man of Steel 超人—钢铁之躯


Superman was raised in a farm in Kansas, which happens to be the heartland of America, and Kansas happens to be the most conservative state in US (in terms of national elections).




The antagonist General Zod favours a society where everyone works like a screw in a giant machine; and he sees Superman and his father as re-actionist, hopelessly standing between now and the “inevitable future”. This is a classic narrative of the left, especially the Marxists and Leninists.




6. The 6th Day 第六日


Another one starred by Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Republican governor of California.


Pro-Life and anti-cloning are two causes of the American conservative movement, the idea that with science, humans can manipulate life like a god is dangerous and unacceptable. On the contrary, humanity with all the flaws and weaknesses are worth conserving.






C. Common sense of common man 普通人的常识


7. The Lord of the Rings/Hobbit 指环王/霍比特人


The peaceful comfortable life of Shire and elsewhere, threatened by the rise of an Evil Empire determined to dominate the world. Ordinary folk like Frodo and Sam mustered up courage, and went on to a David-and-Goliath mission to fight the Iron Curtain and defend the homeland. I always think of it as the Aussies and Kiwis leaving their sunny beaches to join the two world wars half a globe away in Europe. Gollum corrupted by the power of the ring can be interpreted as “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”. They are full of historical references.





8. The Patriot 爱国者


A tribute to the common man heroes of the American Revolution. Starred by Australian Mel Gibson.





9. Open Range 天地无限


A poetic Kevin Costner work. The last scene that the townsfolk finally rise up and end the rule of the bandits, each having a gun in the hand is very touching.





D. Moral courage to confront evil 直面邪恶的道德勇气


Most super hero movies have this theme. But the following are my favourite.




10. The Last Stand 背水一战


A good old sheriff (Schwarzenegger) uses the good old smalltown wisdom and technology to stop the fleeing of a dangerous criminal; nothing can sway his determination to do his duty.




11. Gladiator 角斗士


Starred by Aussie Russell Crowe. 澳大利亚演员罗素·克洛主演。



E. The respect for law and order对法律和秩序的尊重


12. Gran Torino 老爷车


Unlike a typical Eastwood movie, filled with surprises.






13. Unforgiven 不可饶恕


An Oscar-winning, masterpiece western.





F. Redemption and family values 救赎与家庭价值观


14. Amazing Grace 奇异恩典


The story of Britain’s religiously-driven abolition movement leader William Wilberforce.





15. The Next Three Days 危情三日



16. Taken series 飓风营救系列


The above two are exciting action movies similar in theme.The Next Three Days is starred by Russell Crowe.




17. 24 24小时


In the 9 seasons, our hero Jack Bauer experienced all dramatic, exciting, heartbreaking and situations and characters imaginable and unimaginable in a crime drama, political thriller, espionage thriller, action movie, and more. In-depth philosophical discussion is served with breathtaking story telling. The ideology is strongly conservative, with redemption and family values everywhere.





18. The sound of music音乐之声


This classic musical is full of happiness in a big family. Captain von Trapp’s firm rejection to the Nazis is also a highlight.





19. Trouble with the Curve 曲线难题


An interesting sports-drama.




G. American Patriotism 美国爱国主义


20. National Treasure 国家宝藏


Adventurous tribute to the founding fathers and principles of the US.





21. Saving Private Ryan 拯救大兵瑞恩


About duty and respect of life.





23. American Sniper 美国狙击手


A real life story directed by Eastwood.





22. Sleepy Hollow 沉睡谷


A TV-series of a Revolutionary veteran time-travelling to solve present day problems. Inspired by the ancient American folk story of “a headless horseman”.





The following can be loosely classified as conservative.




H. Libertarian自由意志主义


23. Dallas Buyers Club 达拉斯买家俱乐部


A dramatic story discussing government regulations vs free market.





24. Atlas Shrugged 阿特拉斯耸耸肩


A sci-fi story written by libertarian philosopher Ann Rand.





I. Anti-Utopian, anti-collectivist, anti-communist 反乌托邦,反集体主义


25. 1984



26. Animal Farm 动物农场


Must-read and must-watch work by George Orwell.





27. The Wave (Die Welle) 浪潮


Thought-provoking German film.




28. First Blood series 第一滴血系列


Sylvester Stallone’s action adventure series.





29. 007 series 007系列


Older ones were in cold war settings, newer ones are different, but James Bond is always on his way to protect something old and precious against something new and dangerous. Skyfall is apparently nostalgic, while Spectre favours human agents over computer algorithms in intelligence work (and interestingly a bit Eurosceptic).





J. Anti-PC 反对政治正确


30. Zootopia 疯狂动物城


The most political animation in Disney history. Humorously discussedAmerica’s race and political correctness issues. “A bunny can call another bunny cute, but you can't.” Slightly anti-PC and anti-identity politics.





[Rule of thumb: if you want to search conservative movies, the easiest to way is to search names like Arnold Schwarzenegger, ClintEastwood, Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson and Chuck Norris; for producing companies, search 20th Century Fox; for genres, a lot appear inaction, superhero, western and (interestingly) animation, especially by Pixar.]




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